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  • Luxury logos make you more likeable
  • Luxury logos make you more likeable
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Luxury logos make you more likeable

Ostentatious logos fell out of fashion a long time ago for many, but according to new research, people prepared to flash a Chanel-stamped handbag or Gucci-emblazoned pair of sunnies could be more likely to do well in social situations. Is the perfect job interview attire really billboard chic?



  • Why fashion shouldn’t ignore science Why fashion shouldn’t ignore science

    “If there was a force on the planet that influences what you wear and buy, wouldn’t you want to understand that?” implores consumer neuroscientist Dr. Carl Marci. Fashion purchases are social signifiers that are steeped in emotion. So why isn’t the industry invested in the science behind it?

  • Article image What does a millionaire expect from a brand?

    HNWIs can take their pick of the finest luxury brands, defined by having a net worth of at least $2 million. There are 13.7 million of these consumers globally, but with so much to spend, how do they choose where to splash the cash first? And as their ranks grow, how will luxury shopping change?

  • Article image A sector snapshot of luxury

    Why are luxury brands losing their logos and going under the radar? How did the wealthy learn to share? Is a new luxury elite pricing everyone else out? And why has high fashion gone pop?

  • Article image Brian Lichtenberg: reappropriating luxury

    A new generation of streetwear labels are designing parodies of iconic logos, testing legal boundaries and challenging the assumption that the fashion industry takes itself too seriously.