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  • Neon Penguin lights up the frozen aisle
  • Neon Penguin lights up the frozen aisle
    Neon Penguin (2015) ©

Neon Penguin lights up the frozen aisle

Fancy pre-drinking on pistachio? How about an ice lolly laced with liquor? With its new range of ‘alcoholic ices’, UK-based Neon Penguin can offer you just that – cocktails and ice cream all rolled into one. Available in a range of flavours, these puddings are packing a serious amount of punch.



  • Article image Upbeat: a sports drink for ‘protein princesses’

    Protein is no longer just for pumped-up gym boys, it’s for girls too. ‘Protein princesses’ – women who work out between four and five times a week – are driving sales of powders, shakes and bars. But how is shake brand Upbeat proving so popular with women both in and out of the gym?

  • Diet ice cream goes super healthy Diet ice cream goes super healthy

    Diet versions of our favourite snacks and drinks are a staple on supermarket shelves. But a low-calorie treat that isn’t pumped with sweeteners? Not so easy to find. US brand Enlightened saw this gap in the market too. Now, it's filling it with low-calorie, super-healthy ice cream.

  • Article image Who wants chatty packaging?

    Packaging doesn't just protect contents and indicate ingredients – it now talks like we're best friends. It’s friendly, cheery and even cheeky. But do we really want our food and beauty products to hit on us? What makes successful chatty packaging, and when do we want it to shut up?

  • Article image Gelato Messina: an Aussie ice cream mecca

    Australians are the world's third biggest consumers of ice cream, eating 18 litres per year. Specialised retailer Gelato Messina has reported 60% year-on-year growth. Can stores like this “Aussie ice cream Mecca” beat the big franchises and redefine the nation’s food habits?