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  • A convenient way to shift second-hand clothes
  • A convenient way to shift second-hand clothes
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A convenient way to shift second-hand clothes

Whether you use eBay or Depop, selling used clothing online is old hat; a great way to make some quick cash. But taking photos, answering buyers' questions and shipping the goods takes time. Twice seeks to 'take away all of that pain' and help people save time while they earn money.



  • Article image Why second-hand trade is booming in India

    The used goods market in India is expected to grow to $18.4 billion in 2015. Who’s driving it? Savvy young married couples in urban areas – they’re buying anything from books to cars online. But it’s also this group that are selling. How is a desire to de-clutter fuelling India’s second-hand market?

  • Article image Mercari: a flea market in the palm of your hand

    As taxes go up in Japan, consumers are developing a new taste for the old. As a result, the flea market is jumping. But not as per tradition; now the concept has shrunk to fit your pocket. The second-hand marketplace app Mercari is attracting smartphone shoppers, could it overtake eBay?

  • Article image Secoo: selling on second-hand luxury in China

    China’s appetite for foreign luxury has created a resale market at home, with consignment growing 30% faster than luxury overall in 2013. But with 80% of items in second-hand boutiques being fakes, why do people trust Secoo's resale platform for designer handbags and watches?

  • Article image Wavey Garms: the coolest group on Facebook?

    Facebook group Wavey Garms is a place to sell second-hand designer clothing – but not everyone gets accepted. With over 1,000 membership requests every week, what’s drawing the numbers?