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  • UK restaurants not catering to over 65s
  • UK restaurants not catering to over 65s
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UK restaurants not catering to over 65s

What better way to enjoy your retirement than treating yourself to some fine dining once a week? In 2014, those over 65 spent more on restaurants and hotels than any other age group. So why is it that 76% of UK businesses have no plans to cater specifically to this demographic?



  • Article image Should restaurants be smart?

    Eating out is no longer just about food and drink. Innovations from apps that trace ingredients to fast-track ordering are shaping service expectations. But can too much seem gimmicky? And should restaurants concentrate on mastering quality ingredients rather than the latest tech?

  • Article image Why restaurants are serving a side order of drama

    Dining out is evolving. With the restaurant industry now worth over £40 billion in the UK alone, more venues are taking inspiration from theatre, television and film to create story-rich, immersive and highly sensory experiences that entice new diners through the door.

  • Boomers turn their backs on poor service Boomers turn their backs on poor service

    Online shopping is bigger than ever, but the value of a great in-store experience shouldn’t be overlooked. According to studies, it’s older consumers that value a personal in-store experience most highly, as over-50s reject shops with a bad atmosphere or poor customer service.

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    Smart technology can make creating and maintaining meaningful relationships a challenge. EatWith offers an authentic dining experience with the opportunity to form new social bonds.