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  • Why an eight-year-old is big on YouTube
  • Why an eight-year-old is big on YouTube
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Why an eight-year-old is big on YouTube

From Zoella to PewDiePie to Michelle Phan, few are unfamiliar with the phenomenon of the YouTube star; teens in their millions tuning in to watch other teens play video games or share beauty tips. But how exactly is an eight-year-old aspiring chef raking in $127,000 a month in YouTube ad revenue?



  • Toy kitchens go artisanal Toy kitchens go artisanal

    Kids' play often mirrors adult behaviour. With the rise of the ‘foodie’ changing how people see food, cooking and the kitchen, now it’s spreading to toy kitchens, too; out with the plastic sausages and pink kitchens, in with the veggie burgers, mock steel fixtures and miniature coffee makers.

  • Hour-long nursery rhymes have gone viral Hour-long nursery rhymes have gone viral

    What springs to mind when you consider viral videos? Charlie bit my finger? ‘Gangnam Style’? An hour-long rendition of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’? Wait, what? That’s right. A 54-minute compilation of nursery rhymes like that one has now drawn almost half a billion views. 

  • Article image DisneyCollector: professional unboxing for kids

    Mysterious and manicured professional ‘unboxer’ DisneyCollector has produced over 1,200 videos on YouTube, and is captivating children around the globe. But what exactly is the appeal of watching a pair of hands remove the plastic packaging of Peppa Pig figurines?

  • Article image Gourmet kids: the rise of Ella's Kitchen

    Busy parents want quick, healthy options to feed their children, but knowing what's best can be hard. Baby food brand Ella's Kitchen is an authority for parents and kids alike.