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  • 'Grooming-joks' spur make-up for men
  • 'Grooming-joks' spur make-up for men
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'Grooming-joks' spur make-up for men

Asia is renowned for being at the cutting-edge of male grooming. In South Korea, according to government figures, men in their twenties have as many as 13 products lined up on their shelves. Now, cosmetics brands are focusing on normalising BB cream for men.



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    Asia is notoriously home to some of the most active and beauty-conscious elderly people in the world; from Japanese retirees climbing Mount Everest to millions of Chinese seniors dancing in city squares. What can be learnt from fusing tradition and health to reach Asia's 'bright old things'?

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    A common perception in China is that good looks get good jobs. Homegrown cosmetic surgeons have got a bad rep, and in 2014, 200,000 Chinese medical tourists travelled to South Korea in search of physical perfection. Can Yuemei prove it’s a trusted online marketplace for cosmetic ops in China, and will it give the industry a much needed reputational face-lift?

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    The cosmetics market is growing in China, and fast – beauty products now outsell groceries in department stores. But it’s not American and European names capturing new ground. Chinese consumers are looking to South Korea for the most innovative and aspirational beauty buys.

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    Asia's growing economies are creating new opportunities, but how equal are they? How are labels used to categorise professional Asian women, and how can brands communicate with this powerful consumer demographic in a meaningful and relevant way?