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  • Gen Y prefer not to splurge on plastic
  • Gen Y prefer not to splurge on plastic
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Gen Y prefer not to splurge on plastic

Whether you need a new bike or want to get your laptop fixed, feel like a holiday or want to splurge on a luxury handbag, often, when people want what they can’t afford, credit card providers are who they turn to. But despite the hardships of graduating into a recession-hit world, Gen Y are saying no to credit.



  • Article image Build Card: building better credit scores

    Since the mortgage crisis, for those with bad credit, borrowing meant high-interest, short-term loans. The Build Card offers an alternative. It monitors your spending and provides payment targets, helping you develop a stronger credit score. Will it help those with bad credit get back on their feet?

  • Article image Vouch: the lending social network

    When we run into trouble, friends and family have our backs. And it's a good job – with payday lenders charging extortionate fees and trust in banks low, who do financially fragile Gen Y turn to when they're in need? This alternative lender will front you cash, whilst taking pressure off your pals.

  • Why 20-somethings aren’t saving in the US Why 20-somethings aren’t saving in the US

    More than half of Americans worry about not having sufficient retirement savings. So why is it that despite earning less and saving less, 20-somethings in the US are feeling more confident in their financial future than their seniors?

  • Article image Which bank services will make you switch?

    With UK consumer confidence increasing, competition among banks is stronger than ever. Austerity has left consumers cautious, while 24/7 banking has given more access and control over personal finance. But what do people want, and how can banks entice them to switch?