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  • Why Twitter users love a screenshort
  • Why Twitter users love a screenshort
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Why Twitter users love a screenshort

In a society that favours individualism – where we all have so many thoughts to think, so many words to say – Twitter’s 140 character count can feel restrictive. So it's hardly surprising that the generation with an answer for everything has found a way to hack the Twittersphere.



  • Article image Museum Hack: renegade tour guides

    Across the US, over a quarter of museums are seeing a decline in attendance. While some blame the recession, museum geek Mark Rosen has a more sobering reason – museums are run by dull people. Rather than complain, Rosen created his own work-around, and started the Museum Hack.

  • Article image Wavey Garms: the coolest group on Facebook?

    Facebook group Wavey Garms is a place to sell second-hand designer clothing – but not everyone gets accepted. With over 1,000 membership requests every week, what’s drawing the numbers?

  • Article image Brian Lichtenberg: reappropriating luxury

    A new generation of streetwear labels are designing parodies of iconic logos, testing legal boundaries and challenging the assumption that the fashion industry takes itself too seriously.

  • Article image House of Cards: a revolution in programming

    Streaming giant Netflix's first purpose-made series House of Cards reflects the growing power of digital channels and points towards new kinds of viewing behaviour.