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  • Mums in India pampering their kids
  • Mums in India pampering their kids
    Johnson's Baby (2015) ©

Mums in India pampering their kids

With an increasing disposable income and a rapidly growing baby population, India's mother and child care market is set to explode. And various international brands – from Johnson & Johnson to Philips Mother and Child – are tapping into this increasingly lucrative market.



  • Article image Why today‚Äôs babies have it all

    New mums are older than they’ve ever been. They’re also better off. With the 2.4 kids standard fading, are today’s babies being born into a lap of luxury where only the best will do? If so, how can brands align with this quality-not-quantity approach to family life?

  • Article image What does being healthy mean to urban Indians?

    A decade ago, wellness in India was limited to hair and skin products that kept people looking young. Now, its health and beauty industry is expected to be worth $16 billion by 2015. How are India’s Gen X and Y combining nutrition, fitness and alternative therapy to both look and feel good?

  • Kids get their own premium hair care line Kids get their own premium hair care line

    Tangle-free shampoos for kids have been around for a long time, but until now there have been few high-end ranges for parents that want to pamper their kids at home. Introducing SoCozy, the first professional salon hair care line targeted at children.

  • Article image Raising a generation of spoiled brats

    Many fear that helicopter parenting leads to a mollycoddled, risk-averse generation that lacks real socialisation – hindering their creativity, success and happiness. But how are parental roles changing? And what can be done to take back control?