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  • Skinny doesn't sell to plus-size women
  • Skinny doesn't sell to plus-size women
    Navabi (2015) ©

Skinny doesn't sell to plus-size women

“The plus-size customer is lazy, she doesn’t earn much and she doesn’t want real fashion.” According to Zahir Dehnadi, CEO of a plus-size clothing brand Navabi, this is much of the fashion industry’s perspective on plus-size – and it’s losing out on a $17.5 billion market because of it.



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    Fashion is having a 'plus-size' moment - and it's about time, seeing as the average American woman is size 14 (UK size 18). But what's causing this change? Most of the curvier forays into fashion have been courtesy of Candice Huffine, the ultimate muse in a 'skinny' world.

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