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  • Australians can’t resist spending on technology
  • Australians can’t resist spending on technology
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Australians can’t resist spending on technology

Australians are one of the most digitally advanced nations in the world, which increasingly translates to big spending on technological devices and services. This has escalated so fast, that in the last year Australians spent $20 billion on technology – more than ever before.



  • Article image How over-60 Aussies spend their time online

    With 4.7 million Australians currently over 60, this age group dominates both the physical and digital worlds. Silver surfers are taking over the internet, with 50% of over 60s jumping on the social media bandwagon. But what goes on in the secret digital lives of over-60 Aussies?

  • Article image How can a local cult outsmart global fashion?

    With international fashion brands making competition on the Australian high street even more intense, a new generation of home-grown brands are building fiercely loyal style tribes both online and off. But can these emerging fashion cults fend off global competition?

  • Article image HideMyAss!: bootlegging Netflix in Australia

    Netflix has 50 million subscribers, and it's offered in over 50 countries – but Australia isn’t one of them. So what do Australians do when they want to stream a movie? They do exactly the same as the rest of us, and watch Netflix – only they do it illegally.

  • Article image How tech has transformed how we spend

    In the US, 80% of consumer spending no longer involves physical dollars, while in Britain cash use has dropped 14% in the last five years. What is driving this shift towards a cashless society? And how will we spend and manage money in the future?