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  • Shopping malls are big business in Thailand
  • Shopping malls are big business in Thailand
    Dr Burtoni (2014) ©

Shopping malls are big business in Thailand

With e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands enjoying their time in the sun, media outlets have reported that the modern mall is suffering – 50% of American malls could be closed or repurposed in the years to come. But in Thailand, these shopping utopias are more crowded than ever.



  • Article image A Sector Snapshot of Shopping

    Why are we no longer doing a weekly supermarket shop? How come none of us can resist a bargain? Why is posh packaging becoming so important for online retailers and how are our communities shaping the way we buy?

  • Article image Say goodbye to the mall rat

    Traditional ‘teen’ retailers like A&F are battling high unemployment rates, rapidly changing social landscapes and the increasingly fickle nature of fashion to stay afloat in a competitive market. But if teens aren’t dropping their cash here, then where are they shopping?

  • Article image Bangkok Mediplex

    Bangkok Mediplex is the world's first health-focused mega mall, three quarters of which consists of holistic, therapeutic and medical treatments.

  • Article image Future-proofing the shopping mall: urban convergence and the wow factor

    In part two, Mandy Saven repositions the shopping mall from retail hub to lifestyle centre.