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  • Fitness gets personal for Boomers
  • Fitness gets personal for Boomers
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Fitness gets personal for Boomers

With life expectancy at an all time high, Boomers are determined to live later life to the full – and that means looking after themselves. But keeping fit can be a chore, regardless of age. In turn, this generation are beginning to embrace a new range of personal training services.



  • Article image YOU-app: get healthier and happier one step at a time

    Setting unrealistic goals is something we all do, especially when it comes to self-improvement. We strive to be fitter, smarter, kinder, or to eat more healthily. But shaking off old habits is hard. Sometimes we don’t even get started. Can a step-by-step app, informed by behavioural science, come to our rescue? 

  • Boomers are avoiding old age Boomers are avoiding old age

    Wellness may be a word tied up with Millennial fitness fads or gluten-free diets, but it’s actually Boomers leading the way on the health front. With a higher awareness of personal stats (like cholesterol or BMI) and the danger of nasty habits like smoking, Boomers are healthier than ever.

  • Japanese grandmas are fitter than Gen Z Japanese grandmas are fitter than Gen Z

    Many of us like to think that we’re ageing well - in Japan, elderly women have shown up their younger counterparts by recording the highest fitness levels of the 65 to 74 age group since records began in 1998. But how are they staying so healthy?

  • Article image Wait! What does your portable life coach say?

    Does Google have all the answers? A new wave of premium mobile services don't think so. Connecting people with real-time advisors in everything from fashion to finance, innovators are creating a future where having a panel in your pocket, ready to offer support in one click, is the norm.