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  • Gen Y models build social brands
  • Gen Y models build social brands
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Gen Y models build social brands

A new wave of Gen Y models are proving that there's a lot more to success in the fashion world than good looks. From Kendall Jenner to Cara Delevingne, today's models aren't just using social media to connect with fans and build their personal brands, but to win bigger modelling contracts, too.



  • Article image Moschino Barbie collection: it’s chic to be cheeky

    In the US, there are 11.8 million Gen Yers living in households with six-figure incomes, and many want to treat themselves to luxury items. For a market filled with these tech-savvy and social media-driven shoppers, instant gratification is crucial. But how are brands getting this group to splurge?

  • The fashion brand with its own fandom The fashion brand with its own fandom

    Fandoms are usually formed around films, music stars or books. But for the ‘Sharkies’, devoted followers of Australian clothing brand Black Milk, the allure of distinctive printed lycra is enough. The community they formed is helping shift 2000 pairs of leggings a day.

  • Article image Why we prefer real life with an Instagram filter

    More than 60% of women believe social media is influencing today’s definition of beauty, more than magazines, film or music. But with Instagram filters and self-editing becoming the norm, what does this mean for those who are less than picture-perfect? And is actual authenticity a thing of the past?

  • Article image Sass & Bide: stepping inside the world of fashion

    Australian women’s fashion retailer Sass & Bide launched its Spring 2014 campaign with the world’s first interactive, shoppable ‘3D’ advert, FREETOWN. But as digital and luxury continue to merge, will it dilute or magnify exclusivity?