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  • Pedigree Tracks keeps pets in perfect health
  • Pedigree Tracks keeps pets in perfect health
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Pedigree Tracks keeps pets in perfect health

You’re treating yourself to last night’s leftovers, when your dog comes trotting over, nose in the air. But with that adorable face and all that affection, how are you supposed to say no? Pedigree Tracks is an app that gives owners a tangible idea of what their dogs need to be the healthiest they can be.



  • Premium pet care booms in China Premium pet care booms in China

    Regular health checks and acupuncture, gourmet food, premium hair dye, and miniature jewel-encrusted garments. These are the luxuries that the beloved pets of China’s middle class have grown accustomed to, and their doting owners are spending billions on their upkeep.

  • Article image Freshpet Select: feeding Fido like one of the family

    Pets have long been seen as family members, but does that mean they should be eating like one? FreshPet is just one of a large number of companies targeting these pampered pets’ 'parents' with high quality human-grade dog and cat food products fresh from the fridge.

  • Article image Rent your digs, your Dior, and your dog

    From being accustomed to renting our homes, and that power drill you only need once, we now don’t mind renting a nail polish that someone else has already had their hands on, or not owning our washing machine. But why aren’t people so keen to own material possessions anymore?

  • Americans choose pets over parenthood Americans choose pets over parenthood

    Comparisons between dogs and children are nothing new. Get a dog as a warm-up before kids. Get a dog to distract the kids. Never work with either in the movies. Yet in America, many women are increasingly choosing pets over parenthood, favouring the tinier breeds.