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  • A styling service for the Parisian man
  • A styling service for the Parisian man
    Nigel Elliott (2014) ©

A styling service for the Parisian man

Whether it’s some designer facial hair, a Carhartt beanie and some raw Edwin jeans, or slicked back hair paired with a Paul and Joe suit, French start-up ChicTypes – which translates as ‘Trendy Guys’ – is providing men with the perfect wardrobe whilst minimising the time and effort spent shopping.



  • The rise of the male supermodel The rise of the male supermodel

    Kate, Claudia, Naomi, Gisele... these women are so iconic that surnames are no longer necessary – their faces have become regular fixtures on magazine covers and billboards alike. Now, male models are building similar reputations, transcending their old role of photoshoot props.

  • Article image Marketing to make men spend

    It’s widely believed that women dominate household purchasing decisions – but while this was certainly once true, has it changed over time? In light of new statistics, more and more companies are gearing their offerings and marketing towards men. But are they reaching them?

  • Curating men’s fashion Curating men’s fashion

    Founded by two female entrepreneurs on a mission to improve men’s fashion sense, Outfittery is a Berlin-based curated shopping service for men’s clothing that's raised €13 million in funding. The start-up plans to expand to other European countries too.

  • Article image Thread: personal stylists for everyone

    Combining computer algorithms and real stylists, British menswear brand Thread offers a personalised shopping experience that strips out the distractions and confusion of online shopping.