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  • Australians prefer to work as they go
  • Australians prefer to work as they go
    Matt Hovey (2010) ©

Australians prefer to work as they go

The Australian workforce falls predominantly into two camps; the overworked, 41 hours a week and above workers, and the hand-to-mouth, 15 hours and below. But the sharing economy is paving the intersection with work-as-you-go employment, and Aussies are finding better ways to make ends meet.



  • Article image How we became everyday entrepreneurs

    From the thousands of photos we have stored in our iPhones to that empty garage, we all have assets that are underused – and ripe for the selling. It’s not just a sharing economy, it’s a selling economy. But do we really want to monetise almost every aspect of everyday life?

  • Article image Alfred: a 21st century butler for everyone

    The average smartphone user spends more than 30 hours per month using 27 different apps. One to book the cleaner, one to order prescriptions, and another to get fresh veg delivered. Is on-demand becoming more hassle than its worth? Alfred wants to manage your accounts and commitments, and be a 21st century butler for all.

  • Article image Foap: making cash with your smartphone snaps

    As we all become iPhoneographers, over 27,800 photos are uploaded to Instagram every minute, and 1.8 billion photos are shared daily. But what if we could make money from our snaps? Foap is turning everyone’s smartphone photo libraries into one massive stock photo resource.

  • Article image Rent your digs, your Dior, and your dog

    From being accustomed to renting our homes, and that power drill you only need once, we now don’t mind renting a nail polish that someone else has already had their hands on, or not owning our washing machine. But why aren’t people so keen to own material possessions anymore?