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  • Amazon partners with local shops in India
  • Amazon partners with local shops in India
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Amazon partners with local shops in India

For the past decade, modern supermarkets have struggled to tempt Indians away from local shops. Now, Amazon is trying to change that. KiranaNow is a service that lets shoppers browse and order from their local convenience store and get items delivered  in between two and four hours.



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    Supermarkets don't get a lot of love in India. It's the local stores with friendly banter and personal service that draw loyal customers. But as the country gears up for growth in grocery e-commerce, there's promise for the big players. What does the future of the food shop look like in India?

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    In India, everyone delivers. From sweets to stationery to ice cream to medicine, there isn’t a market that's not ripe for home delivery. But in a country that's long been a fan of direct-to-your-door, online shopping is only one part of the story.