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  • A health-oriented mobile plan for seniors
  • A health-oriented mobile plan for seniors
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A health-oriented mobile plan for seniors

A third of over 65s suffer a fall each year, but less than half talk to their healthcare providers about it – despite risks of brain trauma and fractures. A mobile plan geared towards seniors is set to make direct access to healthcare more accessible, easing familial concerns in the process.



  • Article image How over-60 Aussies spend their time online

    With 4.7 million Australians currently over 60, this age group dominates both the physical and digital worlds. Silver surfers are taking over the internet, with 50% of over 60s jumping on the social media bandwagon. But what goes on in the secret digital lives of over-60 Aussies?

  • A social network for isolated seniors A social network for isolated seniors

    Japan’s ageing society is increasingly isolated. The number of people over 65 who live with their children dropped from 53% in 1980 to 18% in 2010. Now, 60-year-old first time entrepreneur Ikuo Minakata has created a social network to help quietly reconnect parents and children.

  • Article image How Limmex uses design to save lives

    Wearable technology only works if you wear it. It's a simple insight, yet one that is transforming the global market for personal security products.

  • Article image Life 2.0: empowering elderly communities

    Life 2.0 is an EU-funded project which has developed a series of networked applications to help empower elderly residents to live more independent lives.