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  • Meerkat brings live streaming to smartphones
  • Meerkat brings live streaming to smartphones
    Garry Knight (2014) ©

Meerkat brings live streaming to smartphones

What if your smartphone could be used to broadcast live events to millions? Meerkat is a live streaming social video app that lets people use their smartphones to broadcast anything from a catwalk to a football match – and it's seeing viral growth since it was unveiled at 2015’s SXSW conference.



  • Article image Kamcord: watching mobile gamers play

    Kamcord burst onto the mobile gaming scene in 2012, letting people record their gameplay and upload the footage. Users share a video every two seconds, and over 1 million clips were shared in April 2014 alone. So is mobile the future of gaming? And is watching the future of playing?

  • Article image Twitch.tv: gaming as a live-stream spectator sport

    Internet-connected video devices are on the rise, creating a trend for live-streamed gaming. Platforms like Twitch offer peer-controlled channels brimming with engaging user-generated content.

  • Article image ‘This will take six seconds’: why Vine works

    Imposing a six second rule on mobile video length, Twitter’s video sharing app Vine isn’t reducing attention span; it's urging creators to better manage their greatest resource: time.

  • Article image We Are All Media

    Mainstream media channels have been destabilised and individuals are now the most powerful mouthpieces.