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  • Snapchat debuts its first series
  • Snapchat debuts its first series
    Snapchat (2015) ©

Snapchat debuts its first series

‘Sip and Surf Party XXX’ sounds like the kind of risque photo that once gave Snapchat a bad reputation. It’s actually the first episode of the messaging platform’s new original series; part of ongoing efforts to develop into more than just a platform for teen sexting.



  • Article image Why Gen Z prefer peer-produced content

    Did YouTube kill the Hollywood star? In the second installment of this two-parter, we look at why Gen Z value the talents and opinions of their digital peers, what services they are flocking to and how a shift towards user generated content will affect the future of media production and distribution.

  • Amazon Prime to stream original film Amazon Prime to stream original film

    The availability of high quality original programming on services like Netflix and Amazon Prime is challenging how television is made and viewed. So how will the film industry respond to Amazon Studios’ decision to start developing its own original film content in 2015?

  • Article image High Maintenance: webisodes for a discerning internet audience

    The word ‘webisode’ isn’t often associated with quality viewing. Finding content worth watching usually means trawling through cat videos and porn. Yet one in three Americans would give up TV in favour of online. Can High Maintenance change perceptions of made-for-web content?

  • Article image Cartoon Network Anything: snackable shows on-the-go

    Video content for smartphones is often the same stuff designed for TV – but squashed onto a smaller screen. Cartoon Network is changing this with the world's first 'micro network' – transforming what it means to be a TV network for the next generation of digital natives.