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  • Heineken goes big in Mexico
  • Heineken goes big in Mexico
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Heineken goes big in Mexico

Roughly a million Mexicans reach drinking age each year. Heineken is tapping into that demographic as it plans to build a $474 million plant in Northern Mexico – where beer consumption is at 100 litres per capita, even rivalling the heavy alcohol consumption of countries like Belgium.



  • Carlsberg to make non-alcoholic beer cool Carlsberg to make non-alcoholic beer cool

    From the gym-goer swigging her mineral water to the Diet-Coke-a-day ritual, Brits love their soft drinks. Choice is ever increasing and the market is valued at £15.6 billion. As people become more health-obsessed, Carlsberg hopes to reposition non-alcoholic beer as a credible premium alternative to ice tea and soda. But will it work?

  • Africa's growing thirst for craft beer Africa's growing thirst for craft beer

    Two-thirds of the alcohol consumed in Africa is home-brewed, yet beer companies are seeing their market increase year on year. As the continent’s economy is growing, Africans are looking for quality beer – could it be the next emerging market for craft beers?

  • Article image Tuborg Booster Strong: quenching India‚Äôs thirst for strong beer

    People in India drink to get buzzed. Strong beer, with an alcohol content above 5%, accounted for 83% of all beer sold in 2012 – with that figure expected to rise to 90% by 2019. Tuborg Booster Strong fruit flavoured beer wants to quench the thirst of this growing market.

  • Article image The future of beer: will brewers serve the next generation?

    There's a renaissance in craft brewing, fuelled by the thirst of a new breed of drinker. A growing tribe of 'beer hunters' are looking beyond the ordinary, and searching for something more.