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  • Chinese tourists flock to Australia
  • Chinese tourists flock to Australia
    Michael Wu (2006) ©

Chinese tourists flock to Australia

Considering Australia conjures all kinds of scenes; from the awe-inspiring outback to cuddly koala bears, from barbecue culture to beautiful beaches that rival scenes from Home and Away. For Chinese tourists, these are just a few of the things to love about a trip to Australia.



  • Article image How superstitions and beliefs affect marketing in China

    Babies born in China in 2015 (the Year of the Sheep) are thought to be unlucky. So unlucky that thousands of mums rushed to have a baby in the more favourable Year of the Horse. Superstitions still hold fast in rapidly modernising China. How can international brands avoid making cultural mistakes?

  • Ski resorts tap into Chinese wealth Ski resorts tap into Chinese wealth

    Snow-capped mountain peaks, breath-taking views and winter sports have become cornerstones of the luxury holiday market, but China has yet to catch on. Ski resorts across the globe are vying for the affections of Chinese globe-trotters and attempting to change their perspective.

  • Article image Qunar: Chinese travellers step off the tour bus

    Putting old clichés to rest, Chinese tourists now are embracing independent travel – with 62% saying they’d sooner leave tour groups behind. But how is Qunar, China’s most popular travel site, helping these more adventurous travellers work out where they’d like to visit?

  • Patriotic tourism booms in China Patriotic tourism booms in China

    In 2013, 786 million tourists visited revolutionary sites in China - a 17.3% increase from 2012 - with the sudden growth expected to generate $32 billion. Renewed interest in China's revolutionary past has fuelled visits to the scenes of famous battles and victories.