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  • Pizza benefits from health food trend
  • Pizza benefits from health food trend
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Pizza benefits from health food trend

People are more concerned with their health than ever, and they're subsequently swapping burgers for wraps and nachos-n-cheese for veggie-sticks and hummus. But will the fast food industry lose its appeal? Perhaps, but not for pizza – America’s appetite for a slice is on the rise.



  • Article image How snacking is taking over the US one bite at a time

    More calories were consumed in snacks during the 2015 Super Bowl than at Thanksgiving dinner in 2014. Snacking in the US is at an all-time high, with 91% doing it daily. So why is the 'little and often' habit replacing traditional meals? And what does the average American really want from a snack?

  • Article image Domino’s: feeding India’s love of fast food

    While many American fast food chains have set up shop in India, reinventing themselves in the process in order to appeal to local tastes, Domino’s stands out as a brand that’s gone one step further. Carefully balancing local tastes with the Western flavour that people associate with pizza, Domino’s has engineered a 72% slice of the market.

  • Pizza Hut has an ‘artisanal’ rebrand Pizza Hut has an ‘artisanal’ rebrand

    Fancy a honey sriracha crust or a salad with a balsamic drizzle? These might sound like meals at an upmarket restaurant, but they can be found at Pizza Hut. The rebrand also includes a new logo, delivery boxes, casual-looking uniforms, and a new motto: “The Flavour of Now.”

  • Article image Looking for a healthier high

    People see ‘light’ alternatives as healthier – based on everything from packaging colours to product labels. But if it’s simply a matter of perception, is a ‘healthy high’ truly achievable?