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  • Brazil is downing counterfeit champagne
  • Brazil is downing counterfeit champagne
    Joanne Wan (2007) ©

Brazil is downing counterfeit champagne

Imagine popping the cork on a bottle of bubbly to find that it tastes slightly off. Or finding that your new Lacoste cologne is suspiciously spelt 'Lacoast'. Unfortunately, more and more Brazilians are facing these disappointments. Can Brazil get a grip on its influx of counterfeit goods?



  • Chinese shoppers are being scammed online Chinese shoppers are being scammed online

    The postman’s hardly left your door before you rip open the package to get at your new designer bag. And it feels like Christmas until a feeling of dread starts to creep in. Telltale signs reveal that the bag is a fake. Unfortunately for Chinese shoppers, this scene is all too familiar.

  • Article image F*Hits: shopping with your Brazilian blogger BFF

    You may not have heard of Camila Coehlo, Mariah Bernardes or Denise Gebrim. But they’re big in Brazil, as part of a 26-strong fashion blogger collective named F*Hits. Cumulatively they draw more than five million unique visitors a month. These women are putting Brazilian luxury on the map, but what is the appeal?

  • Article image Why is China‚Äôs trust in short supply?

    The consumer landscape in China is a minefield of fakes, misleading ads and tainted products. But shoppers have become smarter at working out the Nukes from Nikes. When trust is low in brands, media and even your next door neighbour, how can a society regain its faith?

  • Article image What does luxury look like?

    What is luxury? How does strategy in the luxury sector work? And what can it teach other brands? Marco Bevolo, one of the authors of Premium by Design: how to understand, design and market high end products, provides a vision of the business of prestige, desire and seduction.