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  • Young Japanese choose cash over kisses
  • Young Japanese choose cash over kisses
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Young Japanese choose cash over kisses

They say that you never forget your first love, especially if it looks like a big wad of cold hard cash. Wait… what? According to a new survey, when asked whether love or money is more important, Japanese 20-somethings are firmly choosing cash over kisses.



  • Article image What it really means to grow old in Japan

    More than 25% of the Japanese population is over the age of 65. With a low birthrate and increasing life expectancy, that figure is only set to increase. Japan is renowned for its respectful and traditionally regimented attitudes towards seniors, but what does it really mean to be ageing now, in the world’s oldest population?

  • Overworked Japan gets another public holiday Overworked Japan gets another public holiday

    Japan houses one of the most overworked populations on the planet – 60% of workers would describe themselves as stressed. The advent of a new national holiday – Mountain Day – signifies Japan's attempt to progress towards a more realistic and healthy work/life balance.

  • Article image Alone together: Japan's new communal living

    Driven by an increasing sense of loneliness, Japan's young singles are moving into shared housing. Yet with so many struggling with social anxiety, how are these micro-communities forming?

  • Article image Singing solo: Japan’s new solitude

    Despite its collectivist traditions, Japan is seeing a rise of individuals who are actively rejecting the company of others - and businesses are adapting accordingly.