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  • Better gamers go with the flow
  • Better gamers go with the flow
    Luca Moglia (2010) ©

Better gamers go with the flow

The notion of ‘flow’ was coined by Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi to refer to “an optimal balance between skill and challenge.” And research shows that when reached by gamers, this mental state minimises the negative psychological effects video games are notorious for.



  • Control a video game with your eyes Control a video game with your eyes

    Video games are appealing because players are able to lose themselves in a different world. Developers are constantly looking for new ways to blur the line between fantasy and reality, so as technology becomes ever more intuitive to players' natural movements, the future of gaming is all about interface. 

  • Article image Flic: simplifying technology with the push of a button

    It’s predicted that in 2015, one billion wireless Internet of Things devices will be shipped, and sales will be worth £6.5 billion. Swedish-designed Flic is angling for a slice of this market. But are our homes becoming tech-saturated, our gadgets gathering dust? Does Flic’s pitch resonate, or is a gadget to manage our gadgets the last thing we want?

  • Article image Pixels of pain: the rise of empathy gaming

    As the limitations and conventions of genre dissolve, That Dragon, Cancer is part of a fresh approach to gaming that recognises real empathy can only be felt through genuine experience.

  • Article image Leap Motion: seamless human-computer interaction

    Computers are an important part of life, but interaction with them remains the same. Leap Motion signals a move towards invisible technology and a future where man and machine work as one.