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  • Very Exclusive makes luxury accessible
  • Very Exclusive makes luxury accessible
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Very Exclusive makes luxury accessible

Paying in installments isn’t the most glamorous way to shop. But this business model, loved by catalogue shoppers, is getting a high-end makeover. Very Exclusive sells ‘entry-level luxury’ via a simple repayment system, to take the sting out of treating yourself.



  • Article image A sector snapshot of luxury

    Why are luxury brands losing their logos and going under the radar? How did the wealthy learn to share? Is a new luxury elite pricing everyone else out? And why has high fashion gone pop?

  • Article image Everlane: ‘Radical Transparency’ for savvy millennials

    Beautiful craftsmanship and fine fabrics aren't cheap, especially given the 800% markup between factory and shop floor. But now that US start-up Everlane is cutting the middle man to make ethical premium clothing affordable, its ‘radical transparency’ could really shake things up.

  • Designer make-up is the new fashion Designer make-up is the new fashion

    With the launch of Gucci’s long awaited make-up collection in October 2014, a new shift is gripping the make-up market. Designer associations with beauty are challenging the dominance of celebrity, and offering new growth for luxury brands.

  • Article image Bankrupted by designer bags

    As emerging economies transform the consumer base for high-end goods, luxury is moving out of range of all but the very richest. The fashion industry is rushing to fill the gap, as the notion of aspiration is remodelled to appeal to a diverse range of consumers – and budgets.