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  •  Chinese shoppers are being scammed online
  • Chinese shoppers are being scammed online
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Chinese shoppers are being scammed online

The postman’s hardly left your door before you rip open the package to get at your new designer bag. And it feels like Christmas until a feeling of dread starts to creep in. Telltale signs reveal that the bag is a fake. Unfortunately for Chinese shoppers, this scene is all too familiar.



  • Article image Secoo: selling on second-hand luxury in China

    China’s appetite for foreign luxury has created a resale market at home, with consignment growing 30% faster than luxury overall in 2013. But with 80% of items in second-hand boutiques being fakes, why do people trust Secoo's resale platform for designer handbags and watches?

  • The rise of luxury outlet malls in China The rise of luxury outlet malls in China

    As the luxury market in China continues to stall there has been a subsequent increase in the number of outlet malls. These shopping centres have been a mainstay in the US and Europe but are a new phenomenon in China – and one which retailers hope will rejuvenate the luxury market.

  • Article image The role of foreign brands in China

    Brands from around the world are keen to appeal to China's evolving middle market. But what do Chinese people want from foreign brands? We spoke to marketing professor Lily Dong to find out.

  • Article image Galeries Lafayette: post-corruption luxury

    Luxury brands have enjoyed a meteoric rise in China, but with anti-corruption laws dampening the spirits of conspicuous consumers, shopping habits are shifting dramatically.