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  • IKEA focuses on India
  • IKEA focuses on India
    David Leo Veksler (2013) ©

IKEA focuses on India

IKEA is the world’s largest supplier of home furnishings; it's a household name around the globe. A fifth of British babies are conceived atop the Swedish giant's mattresses and IKEA’s world domination won’t stop there. It's got big plans, and amongst the biggest is engaging the Indian market.



  • Article image IKEA Urban: small stores for Hamburg’s busy city dwellers

    About 40% of Hamburg's 1.8 million residents don’t own a car, so IKEA has introduced its first ‘citystore’ – an urban little sister to its sprawling, out-of-town counterparts. It’s already more popular than any other German branch, but who is this inner-city store attracting?

  • IKEA turns Instagram into a catalogue IKEA turns Instagram into a catalogue

    IKEA’s catalogue is arguably more popular than the Bible, with 198 million copies printed in 2013. However, in order to showcase its latest PS collection, IKEA Russia hacked Instagram to catch the attention of the style-savvy, urban Millennials the collection is designed for.

  • IKEA reveals people's morning rituals IKEA reveals people's morning rituals

    Although most people’s mornings involve the same routines – showering, getting dressed and eating breakfast – IKEA has found some small distinctions between people across eight major cities. Presented in the 'Life at Home' report, it provides an insight into morning rituals.

  • Article image IKEA China: make yourself at home

    In China, IKEA is a furniture-filled theme park where people are welcome to spend an entire day – even if they don’t buy anything. But will it be successful?