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  • Campbell's launches first organic soup
  • Campbell's launches first organic soup
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Campbell's launches first organic soup

Four in five American families now choose organic foods at least some of the time. Through the launch of the Campbell's Organic range, the iconic soup brand is hoping to serve this taste and stay ahead of competitors. But will it be enough to revive this ailing food category?



  • ‘Souping’ becomes the best way to ‘juice’ ‘Souping’ becomes the best way to ‘juice’

    Thanks, in part, to glowing endorsements from the likes of Bill Clinton and Gwyneth Paltrow, juice has become a $5 billion industry. But as people become bored of simply drinking and look for something more substantial – but just as healthy – could souping be the answer?

  • The ‘occasional organic shopper’ The ‘occasional organic shopper’

    With patchy growth in the US and Europe, sales of organic food and drink have been shaky in the past few years. New research from Ireland finds that's because only 37% of organic shoppers are actually engaged with the values behind the brand. So why do people buy organic?

  • Article image What does a digital foodie eat?

    Digital is transforming how we eat. Anyone with a kitchen and a camera can take a picture, upload it and watch it spread in seconds. With millions of recipes and thousands of bloggers, nutritionists, and chefs at our fingertips, how is 'always on' information shaping our diet?

  • Article image SCiO: know exactly what's in the food you’re eating

    From understanding what exactly is in the coffee you’re drinking, to knowing how polluted the air in your back garden is, people are looking for microscopic details to feel informed. But who is this new curious group of people? And what will they do with this information?