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  • Fighting gender stereotypes with dinosaur dresses
  • Fighting gender stereotypes with dinosaur dresses
    Gep Pascual (2006) ©

Fighting gender stereotypes with dinosaur dresses

You are what you wear. Kids' clothes with messages like “training to be batman’s wife” or “future bride” can negatively affect girls' perceptions of themselves. Clothing line Princess Awesome is fighting gender stereotyped kids' fashion with alien, train, and dinosaur dresses.



  • Article image Sharpe Suiting: dressing people not genders

    Menswear and womenswear is out; androgyny is in. Whether you’re L, G, B, T, Q or heteronormative, Sharpe Suiting tailors to bodies, not genders. As the brand blazes a trail, will others follow suit? Are we on the brink of a fashion revolution?

  • Little Game challenges gender roles Little Game challenges gender roles

    Gender roles are a regular topic of debate in the media, particularly concerning the way certain products are marketed gender-specifically. A 15-year old YouTuber has won the hearts of many Gen Z Tumblr and Twitter users with his video ‘Little Game’, which tackles the same issues.

  • Removing gender from toys Removing gender from toys

    The campaign group Let Toys Be Toys wants retailers to stop marketing toys by gender by replacing “Boys’ toys” and “Girls toys’” labels. The group plans to approach Morrisons after it found that the supermarket had the most gendered in-store signage.

  • Article image Pick 'n' mix masculinity

    In a world of blurring gender roles, a playful definition of 'what it means to be a man' is emerging. Men have the freedom to build their own definition from a range of discourses.