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  • Ebola's impact on African tourism
  • Ebola's impact on African tourism
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Ebola's impact on African tourism

In 2014, the travel market saw record numbers of tourists taking trips. One region didn’t enjoy this growth – Africa. Despite the Ebola outbreak being concentrated within a few countries, its impact on tourism was felt across the whole continent. Only 12 months later is it starting to recover.



  • BBC launches WhatsApp Ebola alerts

    BBC launches WhatsApp Ebola alerts

    What’s the best way to reach someone in an emergency? Try WhatsApp. With the rapid outbreak of Ebola threatening lives, the BBC has launched an account on the messaging app to update West Africans with the latest news on the deadly disease.

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    The Samaritans: the funnier side of foreign aid

    The Samaritans is a Kenyan-produced mockumentary that satirises Western NGOs and their misguided attempts to provide foreign aid in African countries. But if conventional approaches don't work, could greater contextual awareness be the answer?

  • Software predicts disease outbreaks

    Software predicts disease outbreaks

    Researchers have created prototype software that can give early warnings of disease or violence outbreaks by spotting clues in news reports. When completed, the software could potentially save lives by alerting aid organisations ahead of time.

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    From the boardroom to the back garden, more people are embracing the importance of being prepared for the worst.