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  • The news app that's winning the commute
  • The news app that's winning the commute
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The news app that's winning the commute

SmartNews might look like any other news aggregator. But its sophisticated engineering is making it an addictive pastime for readers on the go. The app is already the number one news app in Japan, and now it's making inroad in the US, where it has more than a million users.



  • The Atlantic filters the news for you The Atlantic filters the news for you

    Everyday we collect an incredible amount of links and articles that we want to read. But do we ever get round to it? 'This' is an app from The Atlantic that helps filter out information online. People can only post one link a day - like a curated version of Reddit.

  • Article image Guardian Midland Goods Shed: experience a newspaper in 3D

    With newspaper sales continuing to fall, the news industry is facing a crisis. How do you sell the news if everyone expects it for free? Can The Guardian sell the ‘world’s leading liberal voice’ through workshops, lectures and coffee? And where is its place in the digital revolution?

  • Article image PaperLater: a personalised paper to read at your leisure

    In an average day over 92,000 articles are posted online - the sheer volume of content is just unmanageable and impossible to consume. Combating this, UK-based PaperLater lets you save articles from the web, and in three days a customised printed paper is delivered to your door.

  • Article image BBC Instafax: the news in 15 seconds

    As the world goes mobile, brands are adapting their offering. With 15-second Instagram videos set to dramatic music, the BBC's fresh approach to news is ideal for small screens.