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  • BBC trials interactive content
  • BBC trials interactive content
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BBC trials interactive content

Video on demand might have changed when we watch television, but press play and the experience is pretty much the same as ever. Now, the BBC want to make online TV a medium in its own right, with original interactive content. And they want the public to help them test it.



  • Article image Audi Unite: sharing a car, not just a ride

    Car experts think that Europe is already experiencing 'peak car'. With smartphones and the internet offering young people freedom, renting rather than owning feels more appropriate to free-wheeling Gen Y. Could Audi’s sharing scheme signal a turning point in the industry?

  • Exchanging time on a collaborative network Exchanging time on a collaborative network

    The internet has allowed people to collaborate on almost anything from crowdsourcing a movie, to renting a spare room. But a 24-year-old Brazilian social entrepreneur is reinventing the collaborative network by allowing users to exchange time and skills, rather than money.

  • Article image Grand St.: indie tech with a human side

    A new generation of tech-savvy trendies was born from the crowdfunding movement, and this predominantly male audience wants unique electronics that will give them the fast track to the future. Brooklyn-born e-tailer Grand St. offers its 200,000 members a carefully curated selection.

  • Article image GitHub: a beta world?

    The concept of crowdsourcing is evolving into an open, collaborative workflow. From lawyers to writers to civil servants, it could revolutionise the way people work together.