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  • German telecoms allay privacy fears
  • German telecoms allay privacy fears
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German telecoms allay privacy fears

Ever since Edward Snowden leaked documents about mass surveillance, people in Germany have been amongst the most spooked by the notion of government spying. Much of the fear is being stoked by German media, but telecoms companies are stepping up data protection on their networks nevertheless.



  • Article image How much does Germany care about web privacy?

    The German media is still seething over allegations that the US and UK governments spied on Germans’ phone calls and internet usage. Will the emotion around spying lead Germans to abandon the likes of Google and Facebook for the sake of privacy?

  • Article image Citizenme: giving back control of personal data

    Nearly 80% of people think companies use their personal data to make more money, so they're reluctant to share it. With over three quarters of people concerned about online privacy, Citizenme gives them back control of their data. But what does it mean for users and advertisers?

  • Article image Backchat: experimenting with anonymity

    Younger generations see anonymity as something that can be surrendered for benefits. Messaging app Backchat initially hides your identity, slowly revealing it as you interact with others.

  • Article image Blackphone: how to evade the NSA

    In a post-PRISM scandal world, are encrypted text messages a necessity, or just a fan to the flames of a paranoia epidemic?