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  • Dubai embraces soulful street-food
  • Dubai embraces soulful street-food
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Dubai embraces soulful street-food

Dubai is renowned for wealth and beauty, but it also has a reputation for being somewhat soulless. To shake off this image, a buzzing street food culture has popped up alongside the five-star dining scene – to claim our hearts through our stomachs.



  • Dubai builds an arts quarter from scratch Dubai builds an arts quarter from scratch

    Dubai conjures up images of gleaming skyscrapers, ostentation and uncomfortable politics. Keen to soften this image and attract a new kind of visitor, the city is building a ‘design district’ from scratch – complete with boutiques, galleries and art studios.

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    From the fashionable Mipsterz to the ‘Happy Muslims’, the latest cultural movements in the Islamic world have been well documented across social media. With a global population of approximately 1.57 billion, what are the implications for brands trying to reach modern Muslims?

  • Article image The UAE's citizens of luxury

    The UAE has a highly diverse population across its seven Emirates, but there's still a strong sense of pride in a shared national identity. To appeal to its well-travelled citizens, brands are proving their commitment with tailored products, events and social engagement.

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    This article explores the changing relationship between the Muslim faith, Halal lifestyles, and the beauty industry.