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  • Digital aesthetics get physical
  • Digital aesthetics get physical
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Digital aesthetics get physical

O-Mighty is a Singapore-based fashion brand that’s superimposed internet memes and emojis onto leggings, slippers and swimwear. The brand’s site looks like it was made in the '90s with glittery GIFs forming an eyesore of a background. Are digital-born aesthetics entering the physical world?



  • The allure of offline trolling

    The allure of offline trolling

    Have you ever hated someone? Wanted them to rue the day they wronged you? The internet has the solution – ship your enemy an envelope stuffed with glitter and imagine the horror when they rip it open to find themselves coated in “the herpes of the craft world.”

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    How can a local cult outsmart global fashion?

    With international fashion brands making competition on the Australian high street even more intense, a new generation of home-grown brands are building fiercely loyal style tribes both online and off. But can these emerging fashion cults fend off global competition?

  • Instagram launches analogue exhibition

    Instagram launches analogue exhibition

    Instagram is going back-to-basics with its new exhibition in two shipping containers in Brooklyn. The 'Everyday Projects' and 'Here in the World: Voices of Instagram' feature printed photos celebrating the creativity of instagram users around the world.

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    Can brands hijack a meme?

    Internet memes were once relegated to the depths of 4chan and Reddit. As memetic content surfaces in the mainstream, brands are looking to incorporate memes into their own ads. But can the spontaneous, bottom-up spirit that makes them so potent really be bottled and sold?