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  • An all-girl Ghostbusters for Hollywood
  • An all-girl Ghostbusters for Hollywood
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An all-girl Ghostbusters for Hollywood

Ghostbusters is being remade with one crucial alteration. The entire team will be played by female comics. That’s four lead roles in an action movie going to women famous for a traditionally male skill. Is this the game-changer internet feminism has been waiting for?



  • Article image HelloFlo: making periods funny

    Tampon subscription service HelloFlo has won millions of fans by rejecting euphemism in favour of hilarious honesty. But what does its humorous take on being a 12-year-old girl tell us about what we really want from our most intimate brands? How honest is too honest?

  • Strong female characters sell tickets Strong female characters sell tickets

    The biggest blockbusters of 2013 scored pretty well on the Bechdel Test, a measure of quality onscreen time for women - but even better at the box office. Films with strong female characters are becoming more popular, and potentially more lucrative.

  • Article image Can Elle rebrand feminism?

    A 'taboo' topic with enduring stereotypes, feminism has often been avoided by women's magazines – until now. Can a new campaign by British fashion magazine Elle 'rebrand' feminism?

  • Article image Rookie: how girl talk leads to girl power

    Embracing '90s indie pre-digital culture, Rookie is an online magazine for younger Millennials. Created by Tavi Gevinson at age 15, the magazine reworks the tone of mainstream media.