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  • Sling TV wants to ‘take back TV’
  • Sling TV wants to ‘take back TV’
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Sling TV wants to ‘take back TV’

New internet TV provider Sling TV allows Americans to view channels like ESPN and Disney for just $20 per month – without needing cable. But while more alternatives to cable enter the market – allowing direct streaming to smart televisions – are they really that different?



  • Article image HBO Go: unbundling the cable subscription

    Over 254,000 people in the UK and US torrented the Season 4 finale of Game of Thrones in just one hour. To tackle this behaviour, HBO launched HBO Go, letting people access the channel cheaply on their phone or tablet. But will it really stop people streaming illegally?

  • More people are cutting the TV cord More people are cutting the TV cord

    With the rise of unlimited streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, more people are cutting the cord to TV services in the US. According to research published by Leichtman Research Group, around 150,000 people cancelled their services in just three months in 2014.

  • Article image Are we all turning our TVs off for good?

    We've never been so interested in TV shows - but we aren't watching TV. Instead, we're turning to online video - whether it's Netflix or YouTube. But new technology isn't solely responsible – a wider shift in lifestyles is creating a natural path towards hyper-diversification.

  • Article image The viewer owns the screen

    Viewers increasingly feel that they own the screen real estate on the TV, and do not want to be prevented from displaying conflicting brands or properties.