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  • Transport investment peaks in Saudi
  • Transport investment peaks in Saudi
    Sharon Hahn Darlin (2013) ©

Transport investment peaks in Saudi

The Middle East is investing an increasing amount in transport, and not just to facilitate tourism. Saudi Arabia is leading the way with a high speed railway between Mecca and Medina. This is just one project within an $81.6 billion development plan.



  • UAE Taxi firms are going high-tech UAE Taxi firms are going high-tech

    Dubai International Airport was the busiest airport in the world in 2013. With tourist traffic high, transport is a major priority. Joining high-tech civic schemes, Dubai’s local taxi firms are innovating too, in an attempt to keep pace with the needs of tourists and locals alike.

  • Bad public transport is a poverty trap Bad public transport is a poverty trap

    It makes sense that having good access to trains and buses makes people better off economically. A study has now tested this theory in New York City, proving it to be true. People with access to more jobs via public transport do better for themselves than those more poorly connected.

  • Article image Urban Engines: making commuting more efficient

    Congestion in cities is a global problem. There are roughly 4 million vehicles in Bangalore, and the average worker in London spends around 227 hours a year commuting. Using crowdsourced data, Urban Engines is helping cities to become smarter, less congested and more efficient.

  • Article image The UAE's citizens of luxury

    The UAE has a highly diverse population across its seven Emirates, but there's still a strong sense of pride in a shared national identity. To appeal to its well-travelled citizens, brands are proving their commitment with tailored products, events and social engagement.