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  • Army tempts recruits with VR roadshow
  • Army tempts recruits with VR roadshow
    British Army (2015) ©

Army tempts recruits with VR roadshow

Gun-wielding men stand atop a boat pitching and rolling on turbulent water, while a tank explodes in slow-motion. This is the TV spot for the Army Reserve and it’s accompanied by a roadshow in which potential candidates can use Oculus Rift to really get a taste of how life in the army could be.



  • Audi to launch virtual reality showroom Audi to launch virtual reality showroom

    Whether it's 4D nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough or simulated museum visits, the applications of virtual reality are increasingly diverse as developers get to grips with the technology. Now, Audi is adding yet another application, with an offering of virtual reality showrooms.

  • Article image 2015 Expert Outlook on Technology

    Are Beacons going to be big? Will people actually start to wear smart watches? How will tablets develop and which technology brands are the ones to watch? As part of our Expert Outlook 2015 series we speak to three technology experts about the future of smartphones, gaming and technology in store.

  • Article image Is work the new religion?

    As having a strong work ethic is increasingly valued and respected, being hard-working no longer means you’re a geek. On the contrary, it's becoming a preferable lifestyle choice.

  • Article image The Great Escape: from product to experience

    As experiences – 'memorable events that engage people in inherently personal ways' – become the predominant economic offering, what are the implications for businesses and organisations?