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  • Moveable homes for Dutch Millennials
  • Moveable homes for Dutch Millennials
    Heijmans (2015) ©

Moveable homes for Dutch Millennials

In cities across the world, rent for apartments continues to climb, often pricing Millennials out of the market as they struggle to find affordable living spaces. But the housing industry is taking notice, and companies like Heijmans may have found a solution.



  • Article image 2015 Expert Outlook on Home

    Is 2015 the year we become DIY experts? What ways will digital devices continue to change the livingroom dynamic? Will we see a rise in ‘smart furniture’ and how will we cope living in shoe-box-sized apartments?

  • Article image What does a Millennial’s home look like?

    In 2013, property prices in the UK increased by over 11%. Living spaces may be getting more expensive (and smaller) but new schemes aim to make houses better connected and personally serviced too. How are people and brands reacting to the changing nature of our homes?

  • Affordable housing? Not in my back yard Affordable housing? Not in my back yard

    Affordable housing is scarce, rent is soaring and house prices put even the most serious savers out of the market. So many would assume a scheme to build apartments on a small portion of a 300-acre field in Berlin would be welcomed with open arms. Instead, protesters prevail.

  • The small house movement The small house movement

    US house sizes have been doubling - but some prefer smaller living spaces. Popular with Millennials, the 'small house movement' combines efficiency and green living with DIY, with more and more young people building their own tiny homes.