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  • Luxury smartphone hits the French market
  • Luxury smartphone hits the French market
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Luxury smartphone hits the French market

French designers have long connoted luxury, and, according to Philippe Lentschener - CEO of Ad Agency McCann France - “detail, poise and social grace." So how will a South Korean smartphone brand fare with a foray into the French luxury market?



  • China's beauty market is embracing technology China's beauty market is embracing technology

    China is renowned for its early adoption of technology - from phablets to digital wallets, China is at the forefront. Now, China's beauty market is embracing technological advances and gadgets hoping that China's love of innovation will translate to this sector.

  • Article image Is French luxury still alive?

    French know-how, heritage, and traditions are the essence of luxury. This expertise is acknowledged globally – nearly 85% of all French luxury goods are exported. But, with the rise of new markets such as China and Russia, is France still the world’s top reference for luxury?

  • Article image Not Just a Label: selling unknown luxury brands

    As luxury brands adapt to online, maintaining exclusivity is difficult. On UK online outlet Not Just a Label, people trade big names for one-off garments, buying into a subtler form of luxury. But how does it convince people to spend so much on labels they've never heard of?

  • Article image Crest & Co.: shop online like the King of Sweden

    Over 90% of luxury purchases still take place in-store, yet HNWI often spend over 48 hours a week online. Can Crest & Co., which brings ‘the best of the best’ in luxury goods online, get super-rich customers and exclusive brands alike to re-evaluate how luxury goods are sold?