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  • McDonald's goes hipster with McCafé
  • McDonald's goes hipster with McCafé
    The Corner by McCafé (2014) ©

McDonald's goes hipster with McCafé

On the outside it looks like just another café. But the hipster-looking diner named The Corner in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Camperdown is actually a 'learning lab' for McDonald's. And it's a smart way of providing feedback on a new trendy menu for the fast food giant.



  • Article image Starbucks Reserve: serving up $7 'premium' coffees

    A ‘cup of Joe’ has become a staple in the American diet. At one end of the market Starbucks has made a name for itself selling flavoured coffees, and at the other end ‘gourmet’ coffee has become a daily choice for 34% of Americans. But can rare brews and a theatrical experience convince customers that Starbucks is now a contender in the ‘premium’ coffee market?

  • The Unapologetic Big Mac ad The Unapologetic Big Mac ad

    McDonald’s promises a “brand transforming” campaign focusing on celebrating loving more. But the new Big Mac ad does more hating than loving, as it mocks kale-loving foodies. The only loving to be found here is the heart animation circling the signature “I’m lovin’ it” tagline.

  • McDonald's lets people build their own burger McDonald's lets people build their own burger

    With McDonald's challenged by fast food chains like Chipotle and Subway – which emphasise fresher ingredients and let people choose what goes into their products – the burger chain is expanding the "create your own taste" option. But can it boost sliding sales?

  • Australia favours fast food Australia favours fast food

    Australians visit fast food chains like McDonald’s and Subway four times a month on average. The strongest motivations are price and convenience, mentioned by two thirds of the population, while only 8% said taste encouraged them to eat ‘junk food’.