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  • H&M headlines at Coachella
  • H&M headlines at Coachella
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H&M headlines at Coachella

H&M is ready to take its relationship with Coachella a step further with its first ever on-site pop-up shop and an official branded collection. The clothing brand is now in its sixth year of sponsoring the music festival, but this year the partnership is more intimate.



  • Article image 2015 Expert Outlook on Leisure

    How will we be spending our spare time in 2015? Will we be cocooning at home or trekking across town to discover the latest pop-up? How will the experience of attending a festival change and why is digital a danger to the leisure sector?

  • Article image Why do people go to music festivals?

    Every year, more than 6 million people attend live music events in the UK. Festivals are no longer about peace, love and LSD – they're commercial success stories. But have they kept any of their rebellious spirit, or are they just Instagram islands where anything goes?

  • H&M closing the textile loop H&M closing the textile loop

    Having announced in 2012 plans to create the world’s first global clothes recycling programme, H&M has now revealed a new line of denim products made from repurposed clothing. Proceeds from the sales will fund projects to close the loop on textiles.

  • Article image Getting away from it all: the changing face of festival branding

    With virtually every aspect of our lives becoming an opportunity for brands, festival-goers are looking to escape the ubiquitous 'sponsored experience'.