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  • Wireless charging at McDonald's
  • Wireless charging at McDonald's
    Garry Knight (2012) ©

Wireless charging at McDonald's

Two thirds of us suffer from nomophobia – no-mobile-phone-phobia. And whether at work or out with friends, it’s true that when your phone runs out of power, at the very least it’s inconvenient. McDonald’s is combatting this by installing wireless charging points.



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    About 7,500 iconic red buses carry over six million London passengers each weekday - and with new Wi-Fi connectivity, commuters can catch up with work emails. But do they want to be ‘always on’? Will they miss their down-time staring out the window on the top deck of the 73?

  • Phone chargers are hipster magnet Phone chargers are hipster magnet

    While stores rush to entice customers with complicated and often gimmicky in-store technology, hipster hangout Urban Outfitters has found a simple footfall magnet: phone charging stations for shoppers to use free of charge.

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    Retailers like Urban Outfitters are looking to the leisure industry to encourage longer visits and higher spending – treating their stores as part of a broader brand experience.

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    As more shoppers move online, real-world stores like Tesco are filling their extra floor space with services to complement their existing offerings and enhance their core business.