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  • Women still want men to be the breadwinners
  • Women still want men to be the breadwinners
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Women still want men to be the breadwinners

Women account for 52% of all workers in management, professional and related occupations in the US. But a study has found that women prefer their husbands to be the primary breadwinner, and men are happy with that. Are people harking back to traditional gender roles?



  • Gender gap widens in the UK Gender gap widens in the UK

    The global gender gap is narrowing, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2014, with 105 countries in the world becoming more equal and providing a better place for women to live. But surprisingly, in the United Kingdom the opposite is true.

  • Article image How has the role of ‘dad’ changed?

    The role of dad has changed from breadwinning head of the family to friend, protector, role model, teacher, and carer, and there's now a record number of single dads. But while 75% of dads are responsible for their kids’ well-being, why do only 20% see that reflected in media?

  • Article image Not ‘just’ a stay-at-home mum

    More mums are choosing to become their own boss and look after their children at the same time. But does ‘motherism’ – the prejudice that paints ‘non-working’ mums as unsexy slobs – really motivate women to go back to work just to remove the ‘stay-at-home’ label?

  • Article image The ‘femonomics’ of Asia

    Asia's growing economies are creating new opportunities, but how equal are they? How are labels used to categorise professional Asian women, and how can brands communicate with this powerful consumer demographic in a meaningful and relevant way?