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  • Brazilian blogger collective is global ambassador
  • Brazilian blogger collective is global ambassador
    F*Hits (2014) ©

Brazilian blogger collective is global ambassador

Have you heard of Camila Coehlo? Or Mariah Bernardes? Maybe not, but these are just two of a 25-strong Brazilian fashion blogger collective named F*Hits. Cumulatively drawing more than five million unique visitors a month, these bloggers are putting Brazilian luxury on the map.



  • Article image How can a local cult outsmart global fashion?

    With international fashion brands making competition on the Australian high street even more intense, a new generation of home-grown brands are building fiercely loyal style tribes both online and off. But can these emerging fashion cults fend off global competition?

  • Article image A Brazilian beauty ideal for every class

    In Brazil's diverse society, there’s no single definition of beauty that applies to everyone. Its different social classes have created a variety of ideals and beauty icons. But how do Brazilian women decide what ideals to aim for, and how are they trying to achieve them?

  • A new kind of girl group A new kind of girl group

    Rejecting the traditionally individualistic nature of blogging, I'm Next is a collective of five fashion bloggers, whose posts not only document their personal interests but the things they do together as friends - whether going to the gym or the VMA awards.

  • Article image Natura: bottling Brazilian culture

    Natura, Brazil's top cosmetics manufacturer, has revolutionised the health and beauty sector with an innovative approach that combines environmental awareness with 'togetherness'.