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  • Chinese housewives drive e-commerce
  • Chinese housewives drive e-commerce
    Marco Monetti (2013) ©

Chinese housewives drive e-commerce

“I give my thanks to China’s women,” says Alibaba chairman Jack Ma after a particularly profitable stint of online sales. “Women have much more consideration for others than men.” Yet studies have shown that China’s housewives are far more selfish online shoppers than Ma would believe.



  • This Chinese flower shop is worth $100m This Chinese flower shop is worth $100m

    “If we discover you giving your order to someone else, we cannot guarantee your order will ship.” This disclaimer accompanies a $200 bouquet of roses from luxury flower merchant Roseonly. And while it might seem to limit its client base, Roseonly is now worth $100 million.

  • Alibaba transforms shopping in China Alibaba transforms shopping in China

    With analysts predicting China's e-commerce market to double to $420 billion by 2020, up from $210 billion in 2012, the country has become the world's second-largest online shopping market. And it's bridging the gap between more and less developed cities in China.

  • Article image Rong360: a banking service China can trust

    2014 has seen China's distrust of corporations, banks and the government grow more than ever before. By positioning itself as a cheaper and more trustworthy alternative to intermediary agents, can finance service Rong360 attract customers that don't understand online banking?

  • Article image The ‘femonomics’ of Asia

    Asia's growing economies are creating new opportunities, but how equal are they? How are labels used to categorise professional Asian women, and how can brands communicate with this powerful consumer demographic in a meaningful and relevant way?